HCR hairpin

HCR Imaging Python Module
Containing the Dot Detection 2.0 and Unmix 1.0 Packages

Reference: Schulte, S.J., Fornace, M.E., Hall, J.K., Shin, G.J., & Pierce, N.A. (2024). HCR spectral imaging: 10-plex, quantitative, high-resolution RNA and protein imaging in highly autofluorescent samples. Development, 151, dev202307. (pdf, supp info)

Read-out/Read-in Software Package
Read-out/Read-in 1.0 Reference: Trivedi, V., Choi, H.M.T., Fraser, S.E., & Pierce, N.A. (2018). Multidimensional quantitative analysis of mRNA expression within intact vertebrate embryos. Development, 145, dev156869. (pdf, supp info)